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Allure – December 2017

My ex-boyfriend and I had a fight in front of Amber Heard, and she took my side. Hang on, hang on. Let me start over.
I am in Los Angeles to meet the actress for lunch. Your standard celebrity-profile lunch. The arrangement is fairly routine: I was afforded 90 minutes to meet a famous actress, talk about her role in _____ (in this case, Justice League and Aquaman), get to know her, get to know her well, and, ultimately, define her character and convey who she is as a human in 3,000 words or less. Reductive? Absolutely. Actually possible? I had my doubts.

Heard is running late — traffic on the 101, you know how it is — so I have a pre-interview glass of wine. When she arrives, we choose a table outside and settle into the approximated anonymity of a leafy patio and blazing sun. Dressed in a black linen dress and a black hat, she could almost go unnoticed. Almost. Up close, she has that glowy movie star complexion that radiates fame. (I later learn that the radiation is also due to Becca highlighter and Chanel concealer.) She wears lots of earrings — five in one ear, three in the other — and rings and bracelets and nothing matches and it’s all this cool, eclectic, la vie bohème jumble. I instantly want to be her.

Also, her right hand is covered in a huge white bandage. So I open with: “HiNiceToMeetYouWhatTheHell HappenedToYourHand.” (Glass of wine, empty stomach, don’t judge.)

“Turns out that decorative plastic trees are almost as flammable as their organic counterparts,” she says wryly. “I’m renting a place in Australia [while filming Aquaman], and it has one of those trees — and my assistant was lighting candles.” Pause. “I like a lot of fire around me.” (OK, reader, I know what you’re thinking: Was she speaking literally or metaphorically? I don’t know! Maybe I knew! I kind of had a hunch! But I couldn’t tell for sure!) “I smelled something burning, and the next second the whole house was full of black smoke.”
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200 Women

200 Women is a book and exhibition inspired by a belief that you can’t empower women without listening to their stories. Our subsequent idea was to persuade two hundred women in different parts of the world – whether they be rich or poor, black or white, educated or uneducated, famous or unknown – to sit or stand in front of a plain sheet of fabric and to be photographed and filmed while answering five fundamental questions.

Our goal was not to make a book about just successful and powerful women; those stories are important, but we wanted diversity, and above all, authenticity. Two hundred ‘real women’, with ‘real stories’.

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“I Do…Until I Don’t” Additions

“I Do…Until I Don’t” Additions

New images of Amber in I Do…Until I Don’t have been added to the gallery. Enjoy the new additions!

New 2015 & 2017 Scans

New 2015 & 2017 Scans

A couple of new scans from 2015 and 2017 have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

4th Annual unite4:humanity Gala

4th Annual unite4:humanity Gala

New photos of Amber at the 4th Annual unite4:humanity Gala held on April 7th have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

New March 2017 Event Additions

New March 2017 Event Additions

New photos of Amber at two recent events have been added to the gallery. Enjoy the new additions!

TV Additions

ELLE 2015 Additions

New outtakes of Amber’s 2015 ELLE photoshoot have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

January 2017 Appearance Additions

New photos of Amber at a couple of events held earlier in the month have been added to the gallery. Enjoy the new additions and look for more to be added soon.

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