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Amber Heard Covers the Spring 2019 Issue of Wonderland

It’s a well-trodden joke that it’s inadvisable to drive in the rain in LA due to the treacherous shortcomings of the city’s motorists. In fact, it’s often stated that any precipitation can bring Tinseltown to a grinding halt. And today it has. I’m supposed to meet actress Amber Heard at one of her favourite bookstores on Sunset Strip. Heard loves bookstores. Upon arrival, however, part of Sunset Boulevard has been evacuated due to a power outage. Heard’s assistant calls: “OK so Amber is in her car. She’ll pick you up. It’s a red Mustang. You cannot miss it.”

Indeed, you can’t. The engine alone is loud enough to drown out all sound – like a jaguar residing inside her glove compartment. “In the 15 years I’ve lived here, I’ve never seen rain like this,” she says, not looking at the road. Heard keeps her eyes locked on mine at all times despite careening round the bends of Sunset Boulevard during a biblical downpour. As she negotiates with the steering wheel, her blonde wet hair slicked behind her ears, her foot visibly wrestling the brakes, it’s like a scene from a 1950s film noir. Heard’s glamour is classic and death-defying.

“She’s my baby,” she says of the car. “When I found her she was for the scrap heap. She was un-drivable!” The charisma Heard wields keeps me here, while she explains that even valet drivers regularly refuse to get behind this wheel. Does she have a name? “She does,” says Heard. “But it has to remain off-the-record…”
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